A visit from the Kenilworth Daisies

Members from Kenilworth Daisy Troop 40128 recently kicked off the summer by visiting the Kenilworth Department of Public Works with a surprise gift for us.

The children from the Daisy troop used their creativity to create a collection of colorful hand-made cards to thank our DPW crew for their hard work to keep Kenilworth a clean, safe, and pleasant place to live.

Their cards are now proudly displayed on the wall of our crew's break room for us to enjoy.

Their thoughtfulness and acknowledgment of our team's ongoing efforts throughout the cold of winter as well as the humid heat of summer means a lot to all of us. 

We always find it uplifting and encouraging to receive acknowledgements from our neighbors, friends, and constituents throughout our friendly Kenilworth Community.

If you see us around town in our trucks please give us a wave and a smile!



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