Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau is the investigative unit of this department. It is comprised of a Detective Sergeant who supervises 2 general investigative Detectives and the School Resource Officer/Juvenile Detective. Along with that are also 2 special law enforcement officers assigned to the bureau who are posted at the public schools. The Detective Bureau is responsible for all criminal investigations, employee background checks, Megan's Law compliance, evidence and property, ABC laws, school/law enforcement relations, and firearm's applciations.

Detective Bureau Contacts

Detective Sergeant Michael Scanielo: 908-276-1700 x112

SRO/Det. Brian Pickton: 908-276-1700 x114

Detective Ryan Kernan:908-276-1700 x111

Detective Anthony Tancs: 908-276-1700 x115

SLEO William Hannon:

SLEO Anthony Giacalone: