Patrol Division

The patrol division is comprised of 4 "platoons" of officers. Each platoon has 1 Sergeant, 3 Patrolman, and 1 civillian dispatcher or "PST". Each pair of platoons working on a particular side (A/B) on a 4 day schedule is headed up by a Lieutenant. Those two Lieutenants are under the supervison of the Department's Captain. The Captain reports to the Chief of Police.

Patrol Contacts

Captain Dan Sims: 908-276-1760 or

A -Side

Lieutenant Bob Cox: 908-276-1700 x108

Sgt. Joseph Scuorzo (#1): 908-276-1700

Sgt. Glen Sandull (#3): 908-276-1700


Lieutenant Paul Campanelli: 908-276-1700 x109

Sgt. Ed Paster (#2): 908-276-1700

Sgt. Sean Kaverick (#4): 908-276-1700

Departmental Picture 2021