Elected Officials

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 2018 Ordinances
                         Article III Recreation Programs
 2018:14           Ordinance Adopting a Codification and Revision of the 
                        Ordinances of the Borough of Kenilworth
                        Compensation for Borough Employees  
                        Chapter 39-14 Auxiliary Police and Special Law Enforcement Officers
                         at a Portion of North 15th Street
                        for the Department of Public Works
2018:09           Bond Ordinance to Authorize the Making of Various Public
                        Improvements and the Acquisition of New Additional or
                        Replacement Equipment and Machinery
                        190 Vehicles and Traffic by Prohibiting Parking from the North East
                        Corner of Market Street and West Colfax Ave
                        That Have Registered With the Borough of Kenilworth and Amending
                        Chapter 144
                        Establish a Cap Bank 

                        Specifying Two Additional Areas in Schedule I of Articles VII As No
                        Parking Zones
2018: 02:         Tabled
                       Official to Annually Inspect all Residential Buildings and Structures
 2017 Ordinances
2017-14:      Tabled
                      of Officers"
                    DiMario Park and Other Parks in, by for the Borough of Kenilworth
2017-05:      Bond Ordinance to Authorize the Making of Various Public Improvements
                      Taking an Appeal from an Action of the Zoning Officer with the Borough
 2016 Ordinances
                     of Land Use