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 This is an urgent message from the Board of Health  

To minimize the spread of novel coronavirus a potentially deadly disease, 

we ask that you follow social distancing measures put forth by the State Department of Health.

Avoid crowds or gatherings of 10 people or more.

        -  If you have to go out, maintain distance (about 6 feet) from others when possible.

- Practice everyday prevention measures like frequent hand washing, staying home when sick, and covering coughs and sneezes.

- Comply with directives by the State Governors Office to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

-Please do your part to protect the health of our community. Thank you. 



Message from Mayor Linda Karlovitch
As we continue to battle against Coronavirus, I would like to update our residents.
Currently there are 16,636 positive cases in NJ and 1213 in Union County. The last update from our health department we have 18 positive cases in Kenilworth.
Many of you are asking who these people are, due to privacy laws and HIPAA statutes and regulations this information is confidential. Many people are naturally afraid wondering if they may have had contact with someone who is positive for the virus. I assure you anyone whom may have come in contact with an infected person would be notified by our health department. We do expect these numbers to continue to rise as more people are tested.

I continue to receive updated reports on the operations of our municipal government. Everyone is working together and committed to continue to provide the necessary services that keep our borough running. I am also in touch daily with our county and state officials whom continue to be a tremendous support and lifeline to all our local municipalities in New Jersey.

The Union county Covid-19 test center is located at Kean university and is open free of charge to all union county residents, first responders & health care professionals who live and work in union county. Covid-19 symptoms include fever, cough and shortness of breath, patients can call 908-373-5105 24/7 to be connected to a nurse who will triage and assess symptoms over the phone. Persons receiving an appointment can proceed to the testing center at their scheduled time. No other primary care doctor prescription is required.

I know how difficult a quarantine can be. As this health crisis continues many of us are getting bored, especially our children. We are all sharing similar frustrations in our daily new lives. However, this is critical in flattening the curve and saving lives. I urge everyone to please stay at home. Please keep your families and children at home. We all need to do our part in decreasing the spread of this virus. When you do go out practice social distancing, avoid touching your face and keep your hands clean.

Challenging times are often the hardest to remain positive. Continue to care for and look out for one another. Please take this opportunity to spend quality time with your family.
We are in this together and we will get through this together
Stay healthy, stay well and please stay home. We are Jersey strong !

Very Respectfully, 
Linda Karlovitch 

As a result of concerns over Public Safety, Health and Welfare due to the Coronavirus, Kenilworth Borough Hall is currently closed to the public.

The public will have access to place administrative office items in Bins on the first floor South 23rd Street 

entrance near the police department office door.

Tax payments, PTR Forms and PD5 Forms and any Tax/Finance/Assessor related can be placed in the drop box located on the South 23rd Street 

police entrance, first floor tax office door.

Administrative Office Staff are available via 908-276-9090 or email at deputyclerk@kenilworthnj.org

We apologize for the inconvenience.

    COVID-19  Economic Relief Package
NJEDA initiatives aimed at stabilizing and revitalizing local small businesses,  mid-size businesses, and startups or other early-stage companies.
Detailed information and eligibility requirements for the new programs  are available at 



Update: New Jersey Launches Job Portal to Connect Out-of-Work Residents to Opportunities in Critical Industries 

Governor Phil Murphy today announced the launch of a new online portal to connect New Jersey residents with jobs in critical industries responding to COVID-19. The jobs portal is available here:https://jobs.covid19.nj.gov. Employers in critical industries should submit information about openings with urgent hiring needs related to COVID19 here: https://jobs.covid19.nj.gov/intake

"My Administration's top priority is helping New Jersey residents and businesses overcome the unprecedented disruptions COVID-19 is causing while staying healthy and safe, said Governor Phil Murphy. "The jobs portal will give residents who have lost their jobs or seen their hours reduced an opportunity to get back to work while also providing crucial support to the industries that are on the frontlines of fighting this pandemic.

The jobs portal already has more than 12,000 openings and more are being added every day. These openings are in industries that are critical to New Jersey's COVID-19 response, such as grocery stores, shipping and logistics, healthcare, janitorial services, human services, and warehousing. By connecting workers to these new openings, the tool will allow New Jersey residents to get back to work while increasing these key industries' capacity to perform their essential duties. 

A special intake tool for employers seeking to have openings posted on the portal. Employers can access the intake tool directly via https://jobs.covid19.nj.gov/intake

Job openings currently available through the portal are primarily in industries that are central to the State's COVID-19 response, but going forward the portal will expand to include any businesses that need to tap into New Jersey's talent resources. 

Additional information about New Jersey's COVID-19 response is available at https://cv.business.nj.gov.     

For official answers to all your COVID-19 questions, here's the NJ State resource to use: https://covid19.nj.gov/